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Making the Impossible a REALITY

Making the Impossible a REALITY

Rhonda M. Key, PhD | Assistant Superintendent | Jennings School District


Twenty-first-century leaders provide supportive environments that encourage their staff and colleagues to think critically beyond just “the possible” and into creating “the impossible.”  Dr. Rhonda Key did just that with the Jennings School District by achieving a remarkable 100% graduation rate and 100% college/job placement rate for the past 4 years.

In order to provide such a working environment, an organization and its leaders must believe “the impossible” is simply a concept that has not been nurtured and implemented into reality. Leaders lead by creating a vivid picture of a future immersed in the successes, opportunities, and choices of their staff and ignited by passion.

Dr. Key will use this presentation to illustrate how great leaders foster processes and behaviors that motivate their entire team to create and move towards achieving its vision, mission, and goals.