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Breakout Session Descriptions


10:15am - 11:30am

AM Breakout Sessions

1A Lifting Leaders - Empowering Lives and Businesses

Laurie Calzada
Author | Speaker | Executive Leadership Coach | TV Host

Leading is about people, not about the position. Great leaders build extraordinary results in ways that use the best of their minds, skills, and workplace souls. 21st-century leaders of all levels must lead both with their head and their heart. Modern employees no longer want a workplace, they are seeking work experience, and they want their leaders to be aware, present, and vulnerable in understanding who they are.

Every day as a leader, every moment as a leader, you are creating a legacy. In this session, Ms. Calzada discusses the role of the 21st-century leader, leading with integrity and heart, the social responsibilities of giving back as leaders, empowering for results, and looking in the mirror to be your best reflective self. If you want to be empowered, you won’t want to miss this session!

2A B to Z: Leading Across Generations

Kendra Elaine
Corporate Trainer & Speaker

With more generations in the workplace now than ever before, being able to lead across all generations is an invaluable skill. The disconnect between the generations is causing decreased productivity, increased turnover, and toxic cultures. In this session we’ll cover Boomers to Gen Z, including the varied and shared experiences that shape their mindsets, viewpoints, and work habits. If you manage multi-generational teams, if you work with or report to a different generation, or if you interact with anyone other than yourself at work…this session is for you! After this session you will leave with:

  • Better understanding of generations B to Z
  • Tips & tools to connect with, lead, and motivate across generations
  • Actionable steps you can start immediately with your teams
  • Refresher on the fundamentals of leadership
3A The Authentic Leader: How Courage Prevents Burnout and Builds Resilience

Justine Froelker
Certified Daring Way™ & Dare to Lead™ Facilitator
Author, Speaker, & Trainer

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, this class will introduce the Dare to Lead™ curriculum, a courage-building program for leaders. Daring leaders lead with curiosity and courage, even with and most especially when it comes to emotions at work. They know how to recognize when emotions are running their leadership in an unhealthy way and instead choose to lean in with curiosity to prevent burnout, choose resilience skills, and lead well. Participants of this workshop will walk away with new tools, skills, and language to create healthy and courageous team cultures.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the four skills of courage and what makes a daring leader
  • Learn the critical role that curiosity and recognition of emotion play in developing daring leadership skills and resilience.
  • Discuss how the brain is wired for story, how this influences the development of stories that are not true and how these stories can affect our behavior.
  • Recognize common strategies for offloading hurt which lead to burnout and learn more effective behaviors for managing emotion.
4A Aligning Your Hiring and Business Differentiation Strategies

Ryan Kohler
CEO & Founder | Applicant Pro

Differentiation is essential for a business to survive and thrive. This differentiation can take many shapes, but successful differentiation isn’t just about having a good idea. It requires having the right people who are strategically aligned with that differentiation to implement it. You’ll need to hire people who fit your strategy, motivate them to maintain it, and keep the best ones on board so that your identity doesn’t walk out the door with them.

In this session, Ryan will walk through the basics of business differentiation, provide clear examples of successful brands, and show how hiring plays a vital role. Finally, he will dig into how your company’s differentiation strategy might just be the ticket to helping you find and retain
great talent.

5A Leadership Lessons Learned from the Tuskegee Airmen

Yolandea Wood
(Ret. Maj., USAF)

In the 1940s, the Tuskegee Airmen and Airwomen faced a segregated America, yet they chose to fight for a victory abroad and at home. Their legacy includes parables that can been translated into lessons for today’s world. Their perseverance can lead each of us to continue the actions that inspired “Watch Me” and “Mama’s Rules”, two of many stories that if followed can help you create your own legacy of “impossible” accomplishments.

Major Yolandea Wood will use the stories of these first black military aviators in the U.S. Army Air Corps as well as her her own experiences as a navigator to produce an interactive presentation that will provide a lively alternative to leadership discussions and examples. Come find out how Henry O. Flipper, Benjamin O. Davis, Chief Alfred Anderson, Eleanor Roosevelt and others changed our world. Discover how the actions of an airplane can provide directions to our journey and those we influence.


1:30PM - 2:45pm

1B Change your V.I.E.W. - A Human Approach to Change Leadership

Zuleide Dietzenbach, MBA, CCMP
Change Management Professional | Speaker | Leadership Development Coach

After the basic needs of shelter and food, the most important need of the humankind is belonging and connection. Social support is proven to be one of the most effective ways humans cope with stressful situations. Leaders can make a huge impact on teams and the outcome of a change just by connecting and providing support to their people, but many leaders don’t know the power and influence they have over their teams. This session provides a framework to help leadership provide the support their people need to make successful transitions. This simple and intuitive approach unlocks the secrets of an easier, more pleasant and enjoyable change process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the reasons why change leadership can be so challenging
  • Understand how human physiology works when facing a threat or something terrifying.
  • Recognize how social support and human interactions can minimize resistance and increase chances of change success.
  • Learn the V.I.E.W approach and how to apply it.
2B The New Bottom Line - Why Companies Must Harness the Power of Purpose

Laura Freeman
Chief People Officer | Schnuck Markets, Inc.

There’s increasing awareness that companies need to operate for a higher purpose that stretches beyond making money and boosting shareholder value. Although many leaders recognize the importance of a clear sense of purpose, there’s often a gap between that belief and the actual implementation of use within their organization.

Most people know what an organization does but few people know the “why” they do it. In this presentation, the audience will learn Schnucks journey on defining the “why” they exist and what this means for customers, teammates, and the communities they serve. Understanding the steps to become a purpose-driven organization, what has worked for Schnucks and what they have learned along the way. The power of purpose is a call to action for companies that want to win in the future.

3B The Convergence of Social Medial, Political Expression, and the Workplace

Burt Garland, Jr.
Shareholder | Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

2020 is a big election year and these days, social media is ever-present.  During this session we will explore employer and employee conduct on social media in a general context, including (but not limited to) the pros and cons of social media, employer governance of employee social media activities, and the laws applicable to such conduct. We will then dive into a general discussion of political expression in the workplace. Finally, we will engage in a robust – but apolitical – discussion on the convergence of social media, political expression, and the workplace. Most importantly, we will offer strategies for employers to respectfully control the level of workplace political discourse and foster a more harmonious workforce.

4B Leading Your Team to Gold

Josh Pauls
Team USA Hockey Captain | Three-time Paralympic Gold Medalist | Four-time World Champion

Leading a team requires much more than managing a team. This session covers how to engage different personalities within a group, encourage honest communication and feedback, and rally support towards one common goal. The topics are covered with examples from three Paralympic Games (2010, 2014, 2018) and cover not just what to do, but why to do it.

5B The Crooked Room - Leading Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Amy Hunter
Global Diversity and Inclusing Leader | Boeing

This is an interactive session that explores the “what” that gets in the way of being a leader of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In an ever-changing workplace it is important for leaders to understand what barriers or roadblocks may get in the way of achieving the diversity and inclusion they desire. Come ready to learn new ideas and how to plan for results.